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Calling all Wedding Bloggers, Tweeters and Instagramers...

Join Our Affiliate Marketing Programme &
Earn 50% Commission On Every Sale You Help To Make!
If you're reading this, then you've probably been contacted by one of our project managers here at FreshLabs, and you are probably wondering what all this is about?
FreshLabs is offering you the opportunity to earn money from your social media followers and/or website visitors through our affiliate marketing programme.
Earn Money From Sharing a Link With Your Followers
Affiliate Marketing is a form of online advertising. It means that anyone who has the ability to share a URL link with their followers, can earn money when a sale is made as a result of clicking that link.
This means that if you share one of our unique URL links with your followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and one of your followers purchase one of our products....
...Then you get 50% commission of the sale price. 
So what are we selling?
We have spent months working on our latest project, it's some of our finest work....
The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Wedding: Design & Plan Your Perfect Wedding
This is one of the most comprehensive, modern and easy to use Wedding Planning Guides available. It is made up of various products, all included in the sale price:
  • Detailed Wedding Planning eBook
  • Example Wedding documents and templates to download
  • Wedding Plan check lists, spreadsheets, "To Do" Lists and affordability calculators
  • Wedding related vouchers and coupon codes
  • Wedding "How To" planning tools and techniques
  • Real life case studies and interviews
  • Detailed examples and lists of inspirational ideas
  • And much more...
The entire guide is sold electronically, which means there is no postage or packaging and customers can start using it within minutes of purchase. 
The whole objective of this wedding planning bundle, was to create a set of tools that help any couple overcome the stresses of planning a wedding, enjoy every step of the journey and enjoy the wedding day of their dreams. 
This guide can help any couple, no matter what their budget or how much time they have. The principles of this book were founded on Agile project management techniques, which means that we can help couples get a lot done, in a short space of time.
How much can I earn?
We are launching this product at a price of $16.99 USD
This means that you can earn $8.48 USD for every guide that you help to sell.
So you can make this much money a month if you sell...
         1 Copy = $8.48 USD
    10 Copies = $84.80 USD
  100 Copies = $840.00 USD
1000 Copies = $8480.00 USD
Become an affiliate in just a few clicks
Joining our affiliate programme is so easy. We use the Gumroad system to manage our sales process, so you'll just need to set up an account with them and then let us know the email you used for your Gumroad account. Here's an easy step by step guide:
Step 1
Visit and create a new account
Step 2
Confirm your account by clicking the link Gumroad send to you after you have successfully created an account
Step 3
Send an email to us at and let us know the email you registered with your Gumroad account. We'll then send you your unique affiliate URL link.
Step 4
Start sharing your unique affiliate URL link with your followers and fans. If anyone clicks your specific link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will have the 50% commission credited to your Gumroad account.
Step 5
Get paid. You will be able to withdraw your funds after 2 weeks of earning the commission. You will need to have a PayPal account to get the funds into your bank account.
Wedding Bloggers, Tweeters & Instagramers will be earning money from their followers in just a few minutes.....will you be one of them?
This product is only going to be made available via our affiliates. We realise the value of the following you have built up on social media and feel that it's only fair that this is a joint venture. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll be pleased to discuss any questions you may have about this.
We see this as a Win, Win, Win situation.
We get paid for our work. You get paid for marketing the work. And the happy couple get an amazing wedding planning guide to help them design and plan their perfect wedding day.
Register on, then email us on and we'll send a unique affiliate link to you.
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